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“Sandy Loy has served as an expert witness and consultant for me and one of my largest clients. His knowledge and depth of experience has delivered terrific results for my clients. his professionalism is unrivaled. Thank you!”

Kevin Heard, Attorney at law
“We are a tough customer...we are demanding and we know it. Sandy Loy met and exceeded our expectations – the quality of service we received was exceptional. Sandy's integrity is 100% genuine...he delivered on every promise he made. Kudos!”

Dr. Jerry Fussell, President, JBF Associates
"Why have I used Sandy Loy for all my construction needs? He is who is says he is that simple. If you want someone you can trust and not have to worry about what they are doing; so you can manage your business...Sandy Loy is the man for the job."

Julie Pauletto, President, Power Systems
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